Why Donlon Agency?

Fundraising is changing. We'll help you navigate through emerging channels.

Our Unique DNA

The Connector

Connecting you to the strategies, experts, and constituents you need to grow your organization.

The Collaborator

Developing strategy in collaboration with you. Combining your knowledge and our expertise will drive powerful results.

The Ground Breaker

Keeping up with new strategies and tactics that will help you discern which ones your organization should implement.

Direct Response Is Changing Fast

Are you ready to deal with rapid change?

Direct marketing is no longer just about direct mail. You must communicate in multiple channels.

Your constituents use the internet, mail and other channels to connect with your organization. They expect continuity between them all.

No single channel will ever replace direct mail; our future is a fractured and complicated environment.

Strong organizations must be nimble enough to respond to opportunities and crises in real-time.

Donlon Agency can help you successfully navigate multi-channel complexities.

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