Conscientious use of resources

A Path to Sustainable Marketing

Donlon Agency understands and values the importance of marketing and advertising in our community. It raises awareness, informs, and motivates individuals to take action. Marketing and advertising efforts are produced through direct mail, digital, digital media, and out-of-home (OOH) channels.

We passionately believe it is our responsibility to respect nature and help save the environment.

Starting April 2020 Donlon Agency is committed to further acting on our values by incorporating the following sustainable practices:


  • The printed marketing materials produced for our clients are on 100% recycled paper. Historically, these printed materials have been produced either on certified responsibly forested paper or recycled paper stock.
  • All internal account management, production, and procurement processes are executed through paperless, digital documents. While some agencies still require multiple copies of printed proofs to be overnighted, Donlon Agency does not. This allows us to maintain cost efficiencies, while eliminating the use of paper and CO2 emissions associated with shipping print proofs every year.
  • Donlon Agency limits internal printing to an average of 30 sheets per month.
  • Donlon Agency internal marketing and promotional items purchased in January 2020 and onward are sustainably sourced, with new print materials produced on 100% recycled paper.

Green routine

  • Donlon Agency office drinkware, utensils, and dishware is 100% reusable.
  • Team members are gifted a 21 oz. Donlon Agency branded Hydro Flask® to use outside of the office personally and when traveling.
  • Donlon Agency strongly discourages the purchase of water bottles, especially when traveling on behalf of the agency.
  • Donlon Agency provides team members with a monthly paid mass transit transportation option, as well as bike storage on-site

Limiting waste

  • Team members are encouraged and supported to help limit overall waste by:
  • Bringing unwanted clothes, towels, toys, and shoes to the office. Donlon Agency donates items to: Atlanta Mission, Dress for Success, Atlanta Humane Society, and more. Items that are too worn to be donated are brought to American Textile Recycling Service, The North Face or Patagonia, where they recycle fibers.

It is our goal as a team to be conscientious of the impact we have on the environment, and to work together and encourage others to take actions – small or large – that positively impact our community near and far.