Revolutionizing Digital Advertising: How AI Design Tools Empower Designers

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In the fast-moving world of digital advertising, eye-catching design is crucial to grab users’ attention and increase engagement. Thanks to groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, designers now have access to powerful AI design tools that can transform their creative process. In this blog post, we’ll see how these tools empower Donlon Agency’s creative team, revolutionizing their approach to making effective digital ads.

Streamlining Design Workflow

AI design tools save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks, making the design process smoother. They can resize images easily, enhance visuals, and maintain consistent branding using smart algorithms. By freeing up designers’ time, they can concentrate on strategic and creative aspects of ad creation.
Let’s dive into some remarkable AI creative tools that elevate our design capabilities for future projects:

Adobe Firefly (AI tool)

Adobe has introduced the new beta version of Firefly, showing off its advanced generative AI technology. Right now, it’s only available for non-commercial advertising use. Donlon Agency is excited about potentially using this amazing tool in the future. So, what can Adobe Firefly do?
This AI tool has cool features like Text to Image, Generative Fill, Text Effects, and Generative Recolor, which open up lots of creative options. Let me briefly explain each of them here.

1. Text to Image

This incredible AI tool can generate an image from any text you provide. Curious to see it in action? Try out the tool by clicking on this link!

A microscope with beakers.

2. Generative Fill

This amazing feature allows you to effortlessly resize images to any specifications by adding backgrounds, and you can also add or remove objects from any images. It’s a fast process, and you’ll see impressive results in less than a minute.

Continue the background hospital hallway, with no people in sight.
Continue the background hospital hallway, with no people in sight.

AI Generative Fill is incredibly useful when you have an image with a part missing due to a bad camera frame. This tool can easily add and generate the missing part of the image. Check out this example where the woman’s arm on the right was cut off, but AI regenerated it to show her full shoulder. It’s truly amazing, isn’t it?!

Two women reading a book.
Two women reading a book.

Or in the image below, with AI generative feature, all the background objects in this image have been removed, making it simple and clean so easily and quickly.

Besides the amazing AI Text to Image and Generative Fill features, Adobe Firefly has a couple more exciting features noted below:

3. Text Effects

This feature is great for making artistic text that can really enhance your designs. You’ll have many creative options, with unique fonts and eye-catching text styles. Whether you want your text to look elegant, bold, or playful, Firefly’s Text Effects have got you covered!

4. Generative Recolor

Think about the time and effort you can save with this useful feature! Generative Recolor lets you easily change the colors of any vector assets in your design. Icons, logos, or illustrations – you can transform their colors in less than a minute. Say goodbye to manual recoloring; let Firefly’s Generative Recolor do the magic for you!

With these amazing tools in hand, your creative possibilities are boundless. Adobe Firefly is a real game-changer in the design world, allowing you to achieve stunning results and effortlessly bring your visions to life.

Auto Draw (AI tool)

There’s another AI design tool perfect for auto-drawing. It’s great for clients who aren’t designers or painters and struggle to express their ideas. They can draw their thoughts, and the tool offers various suggestions. It’s especially helpful for understanding client references and works well for creating icons. Though not new, it’s still an amazing AI solution.

Drawn beaker
AI generated beaker
Drawn microscope
AI generated microscope
Drawn stethoscope
AI generated stethoscope

Khroma (AI tool)

Khroma is an amazing AI design tool! When you need help finding the right colors for your project or brand, Khroma comes to your aid. You can create a color palette by selecting your first 50 colors. For instance, I picked 50 colors related to health and hospital themes. Khroma then generated a thousand color palettes for me, and I’m eager to share some here. Additionally, you can search a word at the top and see color palettes related to that word. It’s really useful and fun!

Coolors (AI tool)

Coolors is a fantastic tool for creating and collecting color palettes. It’s really handy and lets you generate perfectly harmonious colors in seconds. What’s even more amazing is that Coolors is user-friendly, making it perfect for anyone who’s new to design. It’s a valuable resource to explore and experiment with colors like never before! Are you curious about colors? Check out this blog to understand color theory.

Let’s Enhance (AI tool)

Let’s Enhance is an excellent AI tool for improving image quality. It uses advanced algorithms to make images sharper, clearer, and more detailed. This powerful tool can increase image resolution without losing quality, making it valuable for various purposes. Whether it’s printing high-quality materials or enhancing old photos, Let’s Enhance is a valuable asset. It also plays a crucial role in improving user experience by enhancing images for digital use, creating a delightful visual experience for users.

Let’s check out the image I downloaded from Adobe Stock Image website. I lowered its resolution to the lowest, then uploaded it to Let’s Enhance website and increased its resolution. The outcome is a high-quality and appealing image for users to view. You can continue uploading and enhancing it until you achieve the perfect result.

Low resolution image of two women
High resolution image of two women

Generating Design Ideas and Inspiration

AI design tools can analyze large amounts of information, like trends, user preferences, and successful design patterns. They provide designers with valuable insights and inspiration. By using these tools, designers can explore new concepts, try different styles, and gain fresh perspectives. AI-powered design suggestions can help overcome creative blocks and generate innovative ideas that connect with the target audience.

Iteration and Optimization

Iteration and optimization are made easier with AI design tools. These tools quickly create various design versions, allowing designers to test different colors, layouts, and images to find the best combinations. AI algorithms analyze user feedback, performance metrics, and A/B testing results to provide data-driven insights on what elements work best with the audience. This iterative process helps designers fine-tune their ads for maximum impact and engagement.

Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity

Creating accessible and inclusive digital ads is crucial for reaching a wider audience. AI design tools can help by automatically checking contrast ratios, font legibility, and other accessibility guidelines. They can spot potential accessibility problems and offer suggestions for improvement. This way, designers can make ads that are inclusive and usable for everyone. Are you interested in learning more about ADA compliance? Check out this blog!

Wrapping Up

It’s important to remember that while AI tools are helpful, a human designer’s creativity and critical thinking are still vital.

AI should be seen as a tool that enhances the design process, allowing designers to explore more options and get better results.

These design tools are changing digital advertising by giving designers more capabilities, automation, and data-driven insights. These tools help streamline the workflow, generate new ideas, personalize ads, and optimize effectively. They also ensure accessibility and informed design decisions. Embracing AI opens up creative possibilities, helping designers create visually captivating and engaging digital ads that drive results in today’s competitive advertising world.

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