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How to make your digital designs ADA compliant

What is ADA compliance? ADA compliance refers to the Standards for Accessible Design according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Since 1990, it has protected and provided equal rights to people with disabilities. ADA compliance is intended to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities.

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Defining Your StoryBrand

What does it mean to build a brand story? Why is it important to have a brand story? Both questions are ones that I dove a little deeper in to get a better understanding of how to capture and secure a loyal constituent base. I recently attended a webinar hosted

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Know Your Target Market

We’d all like to think that our target market could be simply described as “everyone.” However, that simply is not true. The truth is, not everyone will be interested in what you’re promoting. When spending money on various marketing channels, it is important to not waste dollars on people who

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Strategic Design in an Omni-Channel Environment

Have you ever wondered why many direct mail campaigns are designed with limited colors, black and white photos, and what may feel like “old school” approaches to messaging and donor engagement, while digital campaigns are often designed with bells and whistles that reflect current trends in both design and fundraising

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Graphic Design Trends Make a Major Impact

Design trends connect your organization with users.    So, what are some of the most significant design trends of 2019? You are in the right place to find out. Let’s dive into current 2019 design trends! Graphic design is always shifting to new directions energized with innovative ideas, styles, and

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